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From "Barbisch, Martin" <barbi...@sony.de>
Subject RE: [RE] Dynamic updating of a gradient
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 12:34:56 GMT
Hello Thomas E Deweese,

>     Batik does not currently suppor the dynamic update of Gradients
> (it did at one point then it was removed because it was causing memory
> leaks).  Thierry was working on a new version of this but I don't know
> where it stands right now.
> BM> Is this true for all elements within <defs></defs>, or even for
> BM> all elements that can be referenced?
>     It is true for most elements that can be referenced.  The one
> exception that comes to mind is 'tref' and 'image' (I think) but
> generally speaking animation of referenced content doesn't work.

What a pity. But thanks for the information!
Would it work if I removed the referenced element and then recreated it?

Another question:
I frequently change many attributes in the DOM tree using ECMAScript. I have
one main update function which calls other functions which again can call
other functions. Almost all of them use setAttributeNS(...). My question now
is: When does Batik update the graphics? Immediately after each
setAttributeNS(...) call, or when my main ECMAScript function returns?
My application is getting slower and slower... and I do not know why :-)
(Is getElementById() that slow (which I call rather often), or are the many
setAttributeNS(...) calls the problem, or...)



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