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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject RE: How to get correct X and Y co-ordinates
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 12:46:47 GMT
>>>>> "AS" == Arvind Sareen <arvind_sareen@hotmail.com> writes:

AS> I have written code which returns me the actual x and y value of
AS> the line plotted and not the windows x and y co-ordinates but i
AS> always get the same value even when x and y co-ordinates of
AS> windows change.  Attached is the code.

    This code seems to be designed to work with the Adobe Viewer (it
uses SVG DOM methods we don't implement yet - getTotalLength,
getPointAtLength, etc).  You may find that the Yahoo SVG Group is more
useful for Adobe related questions.

    However the general question of converting userspace to device
space coordinates should be a simple matter of applying the results of
getCTM to the points, however I understand there is a bug in the
implementation of this method in the Adobe Viewer.  You might also
look at currentScale/currentTranslate attributes on the outermost SVG
element (which contain the viewing transform).

AS> Can anybody provide me with the solution or workaround to the
AS> above problem.

    I hope this helps at least a little.

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