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From "William Huang" <shu...@xperient.net>
Subject Re: Batik and Java Extension Mechanism
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 20:41:39 GMT
Hi Peter,
The NoClassDefFound error should be caused by your main class usage. Try
to put the main class at the top level instead making it under several
levels in the package architecture. Or you can specify the main class in
the Manifest file of your jar file. Both approaches should work.
I'm working on an Applet project that will use Batik's JSVG
Canvas. I'm wanting to store the compiled batik-all.jar libraries and
several other libaries in the JDK 1.3.1 jre\lib\ext\ folder via the
Java Extension Mechanism, to save the user downloading them 
each time. My understanding is that the JRE plugin looks in the ext
rather than in the class path.
In the first instance, I am trying to get this arrangement to work with
Batik. The Batik JAR is referenced in the html file via the "archive"
This arrangement works nicely in the Appletviewer, but in IE5.5 and
I get a java.lang.NoClassDefFound error on all of the library classes.
Removing the archive tag stops it working in the Appletviewer, so I
assume that this is required.
Can anyone suggest why this is the case, or how I can get this working?
There must be many people using batik in this way.  I've posted on 
comp.lang.java.help, but no one has responded, and I'm getting a bit 
The applet html file, generated using the JDK1.3.1 html file converter
attached below.
thanks for any help,

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