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From "William Huang" <shu...@xperient.net>
Subject Question about JavaScript and JSVGCanvas interactivity
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 23:36:34 GMT
My long term goal is to make dynamic updatable SVG and HTML displayed on
JSVGCanvas using JavaScript, SMIL tags, and Batik event model. I can use
Javascript to modify the DOM tree, thus I can create a new node. But I
failed to display the updated DOM tree on the JSVGCanvas. As I read from
Batik CVS, Batik currently does not support dynamic update, the only way
to see the update is to call the setDocument on JSVGCanvas to see the
update of the whole SVG file. Since I am modifying the DOM in
Javascript, how could I call the JSVGCanvas update in JavaScript? Does
Batik currently support update to individual components for better

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