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From "Jim Ley" <...@jibbering.com>
Subject foafnaut in Batik
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:19:41 GMT

I've recently been working on an svg application - foafnaut -
http://foafnaut.org/  (based on work by Dean Jackson, and with considerable
help from Liz Turner)  It's a complicated SVG application, relying on a lot
of javascript, whilst I've managed to get it not to error, and be basically
usable in Batik 1.5b4, there are a number of things I am not able to do,
most are not using core SVG or ECMAScript, but are using Adobe extensions,
or similar, and I was wondering if the elements I was using are likely to be
supported in 1.5 release, of it there's a likely alternative strategy

The things I need are:

Access to the query string client-side, done in ASV via the getSrc() method.
   Whilst for the online version I could use serverside scripting to
duplicate it into the client, my aim is to have a clientside version as the
data being loaded from the server makes the user experience generally

Addition of javascript properties to SVG objects.
   Normally in javascript, you can add properties/methods dynamically to
objects with
foo.bar="jim" and this includes Document Objects in all other
implementations I know of, so I can go:


and attach the chicken property to my cElement, this is very useful, for
simple objects I could use DOM methods and set an attribute or child,
however for javascript objects I'd need to serialise the object, which is
hardly desirable, any chance of coming into line with other implementations
(I realise this probably isn't simple unfortunately, however making it not a
java error, but a script error that could be try/catch'd away would help.)

Lastly my problem is the with zoom and pan, I want to have certain elements
immune to zooming and panning (despite not liking it, the application is not
considered to be acceptable, alternative HTML views of the data are
available for that), which means that I need to access the current scale and
zoom of the elements - this may be simply my syntax at fault here.

Another things I've noticed but not diagnosed as being an error, is that
parseXML never works in the context of a document other than the svg



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