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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject RE: Batik 2.0 / <defs><symbol><use> and events
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 15:32:12 GMT
>>>>> "CE" == Christian Enklaar <christian.enklaar@mbs-software.de> writes:

>> I think we would be curious to know about the problems with dynamic
>> updates.  Obviously, we know about the lack of SMIL support.

CE> One problem is that I change elements in the displayed svg upon
CE> messages received from a server. My application is kind of
CE> monitoring the state of a system and usually the user has to note
CE> changes while performing other tasks.  But the dynamic update
CE> seems only to take place when the mouse is moved over the
CE> batik-application.

    I take it you are modifying the DOM from Java not from JavaScript
embedded in the document?  It sounds to me like you might not be
making your changes in the 'Update Thread'.  Our DOM implementation is
not thread safe (it is almost impossible to make a DOM thread safe),
so all changes to the DOM must be made in the 'Update Thread'.

CE> Some updates do not work at all. For example size of a rect or the
CE> content of a text element changes - but not its color
CE> (style="fill:rgb(rVal,gVal,bVal)").  

    I've never seen this, Can you produce a standalone example of

CE> Some updates only work sometimes - I could not find out when it
CE> works and when not.  For example if I change the color of a border
CE> of an element upon mouseEnter/mouseLeave events (the border
CE> consists of line-elements with different colors).

    These sound like a sync issues to me.

CE> Another point is that I use both properties "visibility" and
CE> "display".  Dynamic update seems to be supported for the first one
CE> only.  I use them both on the same elements in two different
CE> situations influencing its visibilty in my application.  Are there
CE> plans to support dynamic update of "display" as well ?

    Hmm, I don't know why we don't do this already...

CE> Greetings, Christian.

CE> (I work with a batik cvs version from 09.Dec.2002 right now.)

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