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From Felicia Ionascu <...@ocegr.fr>
Subject problem when encoding compressed TIFF
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 12:00:41 GMT
Hello Batik Fellows,

I must tell you that I'm very fond of Batik now that it works smoothly
in our project.  I'll do some advertising for it here in our company :-)

I still want to optimize things. The multipage TIFF that I generate is
yet not compressed. With Packbits compression,  I always have a corrupt
result. The message that I get when analysing the file is:

K:\local\bin\nt>tiffvalidator c:\DetailedWithCompanyLogo.tif
TIFF Directory at offset 0x8
  Image Width: 1076 Image Length: 1523
  Resolution: 150, 150
  Bits/Sample: 8
  Compression Scheme: CCITT RLE
  Photometric Interpretation: RGB color
  Samples/Pixel: 3
  Rows/Strip: 8
  Planar Configuration: single image plane
TIFFFillStrip: c:\DetailedWithCompanyLogo.tif: Read error on strip 0;
got 0 bytes, expected 25824.

The code that I use is below:

// bufferedImagesList is a Vector containing FormatRed  objects of type
TYPE_3BYTE_BGR and the sample model PixelInterleavedSampleModel
//renderedImage is a FormatRed object of the same type and sample models
as the bufferedImagesList objects

     TIFFEncodeParam encodeParam = new TIFFEncodeParam();

    //this is for the multipage output

     //set the image resolution to 150
     TIFFField[] extras = new TIFFField[2];
     extras[0] = new TIFFField(282, TIFFField.TIFF_RATIONAL, 1,
(Object)new long[][] {{(long)150, (long)1},{(long)0 ,(long)0}});
     extras[1] = new TIFFField(283, TIFFField.TIFF_RATIONAL, 1,
(Object)new long[][] {{(long)150, (long)1},{(long)0 ,(long)0}});

    //this should be for the compression

    //and now... encode it!
     OutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream (outputFilename);
     TIFFImageEncoder encoder = new TIFFImageEncoder (outputStream,
     outputStream = null;

I wonder if it is supposed to work. Did you encounter a similar

Thanks a lot in advance,

 Felicia IONASCU                 Océ Print Logic Technologies
 mailto:fgi@ocegr.fr             1, rue Jean Lemoine
 phone : +33 (0)1 48 98 81 99    94015 Créteil cedex, France
 fax:    +33 (0)1 48 98 54 50    http://www.oce.com/

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