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From "G. Wade Johnson" <wade.john...@abbnm.com>
Subject Large SVG file problem
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 21:40:15 GMT
I have an application that loads an SVG file into a JSVGCanvas object
for display.

Batik 1.5b4.
Java 1.4.1_01
Windows 2000, SP2

I have been handed a large SVG file (10M) to display. The display fails
with a
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exception. When I checked my system, I was
at 200M used on a 128M system. Okay, no surprise.

Next I tried to run the same app, with the same file, on a machine with
500M of
RAM. This application failed with the same exception, even though only
of memory was in use.

Is there some arbitrary limit to the amount of memory I can allocate
with Batik and

Before you ask, I don't intend to run with a file this large in general.
It's being used
as a worst-case scenario for testing my program.

G. Wade

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