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From David Penton <djpli...@arrowsash.com>
Subject Creating custom Swing components with batik
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 10:15:07 GMT
Greetings.  I don't have a specific technical question, but rather a
general "strategy" question.

I want to build some custom Swing components for a digital audio app I
am writing.  The components will be dials, sliders, buttons, and whatnot
as on the front of a mixer or amplifier.

I launched into doing the drawing with Java 2D calls directly in my
components. The tedium of this very high, and the flexibility is a bit

Is it worth considering using, say Adobe Illustrator (which I already
own) to create SVG, and then use batik to handle component graphics? The
components will require some animation, such as dials that turn, sliders
that slide, etc.

I have looked briefly at the archives, and also at the JSVGCanvas sample
code.  No doubt the answer would be obvious if I really learned SVG and
batik better, but I am hoping for some feedback on whether the approach
makes sense before investing all the time it takes to master another XML
app plus another complex Java API.

Thanks for whatever help you can give me, you beautiful people you ;-)

- Dave P. -

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