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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject RE: Batik 1.5beta5 available
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:58:36 GMT
>>>>> "BR" == Baron, Randy {PRG~Basel} <RANDY.BARON@Roche.COM> writes:

BR> Hi, I just switched to the new version of Batik 1.5b5.  The fix of
BR> the tooltips hanging around is fantastic since I was just starting
BR> to look into solving that problem myself and it looked very
BR> difficult.  That problem is gone in 1.5b5 but is replaced by
BR> another: I have a JDesktopPane with a toolbar, a menubar and two
BR> JInternalFrames, one with a JSVGCanvas and one with a JTree.  With
BR> Batik1.5b4 the user would select some data from the tree, then the
BR> data would be converted to svg and rendered.  Now, after the user
BR> selects the data from the tree, the entire outermost frame (the
BR> one holding the JDesktop), snaps to a very small size, just large
BR> enough to display the toolbar and menubar it contains.  The user
BR> then has to drag the window corner back down to make the frame
BR> large enough again to see the canvas where the data is displayed.
BR>   Does anyone have an idea what might be responsible for this new
BR> behaviour?
        Yup, the JSVGComponent (base class of JSVGCanvas) when it
loads a document set's it's preferred size, and tries to find it's
parent Window and call's 'pack'.  Probably this needs to be controlled
by a 'user' option (you being the user).  This is currently done in
'setMySize()' in JSVGComponent.  You should be able to create a small
subclass that does not do this.

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