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From Nishant <nisha...@yahoo.com>
Subject png: alpha channel or mono color?
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 01:54:34 GMT
Hi every1,
I need to find that a given png image is an 'alpha channel'
'monocolor' image. (though i dont have much idea, about
what is that ?)

I have the data for the color type of the image and the
says that:
  Color    Allowed    Interpretation
   Type    Bit Depths
   0       1,2,4,8,16  Each pixel is a grayscale sample.
   2       8,16        Each pixel is an R,G,B triple.
   3       1,2,4,8     Each pixel is a palette index;
                       a PLTE chunk must appear.
   4       8,16        Each pixel is a grayscale sample,
                       followed by an alpha sample.
   6       8,16        Each pixel is an R,G,B triple,
                       followed by an alpha sample.

which one of them are monocolor and which are the alpha
I think respective to colortype 0 and 2 are monocolor and
rest alpha
channel... is that correct.

Thanks for any info.

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