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From Jean-Christophe ARNU (JX) <jc.a...@wanadoo.fr>
Subject Correct redraw of an element after style change...
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:39:37 GMT
	I managed to get the things work in my previous questions (after RTFM and
trying to understand the javadocs) :)

	Well now here is my problem (I think one brick is missing on my Batik
architecture vision) :

	I've loaded an SVG document and displayed it with a JSVGCanvas (modifying
some style before rendering). When I click on an element, I change some style
parameters (inline style) for this element (SVGStylableElement) (with a mouse
	My problem is that there's no modification of my "rendered" output until I
zoom in or out on whole svg document (seems to be "normal way").

	Well my question is : how do I do to get the style and more generally the
content of an SVGElement (Stylable or not) updated "immediateley"? Is this a
question of "GVTTree" reparsing or only a GraphicNode paint update?
	Which classes and methods are involved in such an update process?

Thank you in advance.

Jean-Christophe ARNU
Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God.
		-- Jean Anouilh

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