I just switched to the new version of Batik 1.5b5.  The fix of the tooltips hanging around is fantastic since I was just starting to look into solving that problem myself and it looked very difficult.  That problem is gone in 1.5b5 but is replaced by another:

   I have a JDesktopPane with a toolbar, a menubar and two JInternalFrames, one with a JSVGCanvas and one with a JTree.  With Batik1.5b4 the user would select some data from the tree, then the data would be converted to svg and rendered.  Now, after the user selects the data from the tree, the entire outermost frame (the one holding the JDesktop), snaps to a very small size, just large enough to display the toolbar and menubar it contains.  The user then has to drag the window corner back down to make the frame large enough again to see the canvas where the data is displayed.


  Does anyone have an idea what might be responsible for this new behaviour?