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From "Eric Delacroix" <edelax_...@hotmail.com>
Subject image rendering process
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 10:41:03 GMT

I'm still in my look for theoretical explanation. I'd like to be sure for 
each steps for the rendering process. Can I tell that :
first : usage of SAXDocumentFactory, for parsing de svg file
second : build a DOM tree (with SVGGraphics2D?)
third : bound it with GVT tree (with the bridges?)
fourth : read every graphic object and draw it with awt functions in an 
Imagebuffer (again with SVGGraphics2D??)
and finally draw the graphic context on the JSVGComponent??
I'm a bit confused with the drawing of the shapes... when did it happen, is 
it in a buffer?
And which tree (between DOM and GVT) is used for drawing?
That's quite abstract, I know, but I try to explain at least a part of the 
way for batik to work, and I'd like to be sure of what I could say :)
Thank you

Eric Delacroix
Faculté des Sciences appliquées
ULB Brussels


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