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From Mark Claassen <...@donnell.com>
Subject Lazy rendering and zoom
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 16:41:50 GMT
I noticed there is a setProgressivePaint(boolean) method in
JGVTComponent.  This seems to display items on the canvas as they are
rendered, and not just display the whole document at once.

What I was wondering was if there is an option that goes a step further,
and would restrict rendering to just viewable area.  This is a common
thing in Swing, where, for instance, the rows of a table that are not
currently visible in a JScrollPane are never rendered.

The default zooming behaviour in Batik seems to render a portion of the
document while not changing the canvas size.  We would like to change
the canvas size, so that the we can pan to see any part of the document
we need simply by moving the scrollbars.  Unfortunately, this causes
OutOfMemory errors when the zoom factor gets large.

I know we can increase the JVM heap size, but this can only go so far.
What I was hoping for was something in the JSVGCanvas that would draw
just a portion of the document on the canvas, and then when a scroll
occurred, it would noticed that this area had not been rendered and draw
that.  One could even go so far as to anticipate the loading of sections
and use SortReferences to hold now longer visible sections.

Is there anything like this, or any plans to include something like


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