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From Jean-Christophe ARNU (JX) <a...@paratronic.fr>
Subject Entities and dynamic Documents
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 08:39:02 GMT
	I use a SVG Document with a defined entity defined like this  in DOCTYPE :

<!ENTITY opal '<polygon
     points="-50,-50 50,-50 50,50 -50,50"
     id="polygon552" />'>

	This entity is not referenced in the text file document but is referenced
later (after loading) when I query a database to get each "entityref"
	I then group all entities into a GElement and I append it as a child to the
root Element.

	My Document is ALWAYS_DYNAMIC and display is not updated. I tried then to
print the whole document to a debug SVG file to see how batik handles Entities
and entities ref (using DOMUtilities.writeDocument.  When I load the document
with sodipodi and others editing tools, Entity definition (and doctype)
disappeared from the file, thus refs could not be satisfied... (meaning, my
appendChild of the GElement with entity refs worked in the document body)

	So my question is : does Batik keeps entity defs after loading even they're
not used? Does my way of doing such an operation is not compliant with the
Batik API or processing operations sequence? How could I get this work?

Thanks a lot!

P.S : When copy paste the generated GElement bloc from my generated file to
the source file (where Entity is defined), I get a correct and well formed SVG
File and rendered output is what I want...
Jean-Christophe ARNU

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