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From "zze-DAROUX Olivier FTRD/DIH/GRE" <olivier.dar...@rd.francetelecom.com>
Subject Lazy loading
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 13:31:49 GMT
Hi everybody :-)

I'm using batik for a R&D project and I've got a problem using the JSVGCanvas. In fact
the problem is when I put the mouse cursor in the canvas, it takes some seconds to highlight
a shape (by using onmouseover event, managed by java, not by ecma script). Then moving the
cursor highlights other shapes correctly, without delay.
Morever if I don't move the mouse over the canvas, updates made by java (using updatemanager)
are not showed. (This my main problem, the delay is accessory)

In 1.5 release notes I saw that update's classes were loaded lazily. Could it be the problem
I encounter ? Is there a mean to make them loaded at startup, not when firstly used ?
Actually, is this my problem ? :-)
(I use the updatemanager, then, it's not the problem)

I use jdk1.4.1_01, batik1.5 on Win2000 If it could use.

Thanks for your help

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