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From "Doug Schepers" <d...@schepers.cc>
Subject Re: Setting Style in Batik 1.5?
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 18:22:06 GMT
Thank you, Thomas.

Batik's strict compliance to the Specs is really keeping me on my toes! I'm
very glad that this viewer exists, in part because I'm such it raises the
compliance bar for other viewers, and forces lazy authors like myself to use
good coding practices.

This worked admirably in both Squiggle and ASV3/6p; Corel balked at the
style accessor, so I'm not sure there.

I did a simple experiment, setting the parent group style to "fill:red
!important", but it did not override the style of the fill in the child
circle... how does the priority work in such an instance?

I'm curious to know if anyone has compiled a list of "gotchas" between ASV
and Batik?


Thomas DeWeese" wrote:
> Hi Doug,
>     Take a look at the CSS DOM specification, in particular:
>      setProperty takes three arguments not two.  The third is priority,
> this is typically "important" (override everything) or "" (normal
priority -
> which is used most commonly).
> Doug Schepers wrote:
> > Hi-
> >
> > I've been coding with an eye mostly toward ASV, so I'm fairly new to
much of
> > Batik (though I've used things like the font convertor for a while).
> > me if I ask dumb or ASV-centric questions. I'm testing some of my code
> > Squiggle/Batik1.5, and I've runn into a few errors that I may have taken
> > granted in ASV.
> >
> > I'm wondering why I can't use:
> > myElement.style.setProperty('fill', 'blue')
> >
> > I can set style as an attribute, but not as a style property (see sample
> > [1]); it complains it can't find the setProperty method (see output
> >
> > Is this the wrong way to do it? Or is this method simply not supported
> > Batik?
> >
> > Thanks-
> > -Doug

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