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From Andreas Neumann <neum...@karto.baug.ethz.ch>
Subject Re: Batik 1.5 and MacOSX10.2.6 startup problems
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 00:08:00 GMT

Sorry for my late reply. Had been busy teaching SVG ...

I found out that three fonts let FontTest.js crash. One is called
"CommonBullets", probably imported from my Windows font collection. The other
two are self-created fonts, that I exported some years ago from CorelDRAW. I
have to try to regenerate them with a newever version of Corel or Macromedia
Fontographer. Maybe I can resolve the problem.

But thanks a lot, Thomas and others for identifying the problem and providing
the FontTest.jar program.

Here is my complete list of supported fonts (output from FontTest.jar):


[pb165:~/svg/batik-1.5] an% java -jar FontTest.jar
2003-09-24 17:04:22.034 java[890] Warning: Font LucidaSans-TypewriterBold claims
fixed-pitch with 0 max advance!
2003-09-24 17:04:22.200 java[890] Font GB18030Bitmap: in
_readBasicMetricsForSize, claims 0 max advance but is fixed-pitch.
Font: .Aqua Kana
Font: .Keyboard
Font: Al Bayan
Font: American Typewriter
Font: Andale Mono
Font: Apple Chancery
Font: Apple LiGothic
Font: Apple LiSung
Font: AppleGothic
Font: AppleMyungjo
Font: Arial
Font: Arial Black
Font: Arial Hebrew
Font: Arial Narrow
Font: Arial Rounded MT Bold
Font: Avant Garde BT
Font: Ayuthaya
Font: Baghdad
Font: Baskerville
Font: Beijing
Font: BiauKai
Font: Big Caslon
Font: Brush Script MT
Font: Capitals
Font: Charcoal
Font: Charcoal CY
Font: Chicago
Font: Cochin
Font: Comic Sans MS
Font: Copperplate
Font: Corsiva Hebrew
Font: Courier
Font: Courier New
Font: DecoType Naskh
Font: Default
Font: Devanagari MT
Font: Dialog
Font: DialogInput
Font: Didot
Font: Fang Song
Font: Frutiger
Font: Futura
Font: Gadget
Font: Garamond
Font: GB18030 Bitmap
Font: Geezah
Font: Geneva
Font: Geneva CY
Font: Georgia
Font: Gill Sans
Font: Goudy Old Style BT
Font: Gujarati MT
Font: Gurmukhi MT
Font: Hei
Font: Helvetica
Font: Helvetica CY
Font: Helvetica Neue
Font: Herculanum
Font: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro
Font: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std
Font: Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro
Font: Hiragino Mincho Pro
Font: Hoefler Text
Font: Humanist 521 BT
Font: Humnst777 Blk BT
Font: Humnst777 BT
Font: Humnst777 Lt BT
Font: Impact
Font: Kabel BT
Font: Kai
Font: Krungthep
Font: KufiStandardGK
Font: Lucida Bright
Font: Lucida Grande
Font: Lucida Sans
Font: Lucida Sans Typewriter
Font: Marker Felt
Font: Monaco
Font: Monaco CY
Font: Monospaced
Font: Nadeem
Font: New Peninim MT
Font: New York
Font: Optima
Font: Osaka
Font: Palatino
Font: Papyrus
Font: Raanana
Font: Sand
Font: SansSerif
Font: Sathu
Font: Seoul
Font: Serif
Font: Silom
Font: Skia
Font: Song
Font: Souvenir BT
Font: Staccato 222 BT
Font: STHeiti
Font: Symbol
Font: Taipei
Font: Techno
Font: Textile
Font: Thonburi
Font: Times
Font: Times CY
Font: Times New Roman
Font: Trebuchet MS
Font: Typo Upright BT
Font: Univers
Font: Univers Condensed
Font: Verdana
Font: VT100
Font: Webdings
Font: Zapf Dingbats
Font: Zapfino
[pb165:~/svg/batik-1.5] an% 


Zitiere TJB <thefox@mts.net>:

> OS X Fonts for Java,
> On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 12:32  PM, Thomas DeWeese wrote:
> >
> >   These are almost certainly the same failure.  The NPE would be
> hidden
> > in squiggle because it happens while loading a class.
> >
> We're making progress, its now been proven that the problem is within a
> small method, provided by Thomas DeWeese earlier today, not with Batik 
> or any other Java application.
> Has anyone worked further with the FontTest code? I'd like to spend 
> some time tomorrow hunting down a solution that works on OS X. The 
> result may mean the addition of OS X specific code to the standard Java
> way of getting system fonts. Does anyone have more thoughts on how to 
> best approach this?
> Once there is a solution it should most certainly be posted for the 
> whole OS X Java community some where. Then, lets turn our attention to 
> why OS X graphics are actually slower for most Java applications...
> Cheers,
> Thomas J
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