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From Jay Chiu <jayc...@ureach.com>
Subject Re: RE: Batik Extension/FOP problem
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 04:20:38 GMT
I solved the element class mapping issue, but still get
exception at
org.apache.batik.bridge.CSSUtilities.convertDisplay() because
getComputedStyle(e, SVGCSSEngine.DISPLAY_INDEX) returns null on
flowTextElement. If I set the method to return true, then I get
exception at
org.apache.batik.bridge.CSSUtilities.convertVisibility() for the
same reason.

I have added the attached three files:
(1) BaticElement.java
(2) BatikElementMapping.java
(3) BatikObj.java
and registered BatikElementMapping class with fop.

Because flowTextElement needs its own document object for using
ExtensibleSVGDOMImplementation to create child elements, I have
to add addGraphic() into the BatikElement.java file.

Also org.apache.batik.dom.AbstractParentNode does not allow
adding child with different document object, I have to comment
if (n.getOwnerDocument() != getCurrentDocument())
in checkAndRemove() method.

Pleae help me check what is wrong here. Probably you have add
the batik extension into next release of FOP.



---- On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, Andreas L. Delmelle
(a_l.delmelle@pandora.be) wrote:

> > From: Jay Chiu [mailto:jaychiu@ureach.com]
> > I got the same exception as what Swapan got. I think the
> > problem
> Difficult to tell... ( also because I haven't used Batik
directly )
> Does this happen with other graphic formats too? What versions
(FOP & Batik)
> are you using? Is FOP being run from the command-line - using
the supplied
> shell script to set its classpath - or embedded?
> Check http://xml.apache.org/fop/graphics.html#batik to find
out why I think
> these questions are important.
> Hope this helps ( you both )
> Greetz,
> Andreas Delmelle
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