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From Jean-Christophe ARNU (JX) <a...@paratronic.fr>
Subject SVGCanvas behaviour between 1.5b5 and 1.5!
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 07:12:44 GMT
Hi all :)

	I recently updated my Batik from 1.5b5 to 1.5 for stability purpose (and
corrections on document handling (nullpointerexception on some kind of
	I use an SVGCanvas into an panel where components are added to or removed
from depending on users interactions (including SVGCanvas).
	When I used Batik 1.5b5, my SVGCanvas displayed correctly the first time, and
was redisplayed also when the component was removed then added from the
container panel a new time...
	When I use Batik 1.5, my SVGCanvas also displays correctly the first time but
remains blank while I perform a remove/add cycle...
	The only things I can (for a first mail) say to help (maybe) is that my
document is set ALWAYS_DYNAMIC, some parts of the document are dynamically
added after load, that NO EXCEPTION are produced during runtime...

	Does it sounds like a deja-vu behaviour? What may have I forgotten to set (or
unset) in my SVGCanvas setting?

	Thanks in advance!

Jean-Christophe Arnu
Paratronic Toulouse

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