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From George Armhold <armh...@cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject queston on Interactor and Overlay
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 12:08:23 GMT
A couple of questions about Interactor & Overlay.

1) When I add an Interator to a JSVGComponent why does my
    LinkActivationListener stop responding?  If I modify my Interactor
    to always return false from startInteraction() my
    LinkActivationListener starts working again.  Apparently when one
    Interactor reacts to an event none of the others have the
    opportunity to do so.

2) When my LinkActivationListener launches an external browser in
    response to a URL click, why afterwards does the
    JSVGComponent.getUpdateManager() always return null?  I am setting
    my document state to ALWAYS_DYNAMIC in the constructor, and it
    seems to work fine until I launch the external browser.

3) Is there any advantage to implementing Interactor vs Overlay for
    creating a "drawing tool" on top of JSVGComponent?  It seems that
    you must implement Interactor in order to see the events, and that
    Overlay is merely a matter of painting (which you can easily do
    without implementing that interface- just grab the component's
    Graphics2D and paint away.)  I notice that some of the batik
    examples implement both (e.g. AbstractZoomInteractor, which extends
    InteractorAdaptor, but also implements Overlay via an enclosed

These questions apply to batik-1.5 from CVS.  Thanks!

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