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From Guillaume Pothier <gpoth...@free.fr>
Subject A few questions
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:45:20 GMT

I am using Batik for sometime now and appreciate it a lot (I am 
developping a SVG graphic editor). I have a a few questions:

* There is a problem in batik when a document contains an image whose 
size is 0x0: nothing gets rendered at all.
Does anyone from the dev team plans to fix this one?

* While the GVT tree is not built, many DOM operations are not possible, 
particularly those that deal with lengths, as they try to find a unit 
manager through the GVT subsystem. Would it be possible to fix that?

* What is the design rationale for having three layers (DOM elements, 
GVT nodes, and bridges)? Well, I mean why the Bridge layer?

* Why is it necessary to use a bridge context to retrieve an element 
from a GVT node? I understand that an element can spawn various GVT node 
in the case of <define>/<use>, but I thought a GVT node could only refer 
to one element. (cf BridgeContext.getElement (GraphicsNode)


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