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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: JSVGComponent dynamic DOM update, invokeAndWait threading issue
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 18:19:55 GMT
Hi George,

George Armhold wrote:
> I'm trying to resolve a threading problem in my app.  I'm using
> JSVGComponent to display an SVG doc and dynamically update it in
> response to AWT events (mouse drag/release results in adding <line>
> elements to the DOM.)  This generally works well.  However I
> occasionally run into a problem when loading a new document into the
> JSVGComponent when DOM updates are apparently in-progress.  The
> scenario is the following:
> - document load initiated via JSVGComponent.loadSVGDocument().
> - I get an UpdateManagerListener event indicating that the doc is
>  available for updates, so I enable my drawing code.
> - MouseDown event; user draws some line segments via the mouse in AWT
>  graphics.
> - MouseReleased event; I add all my <line> elements to the document.
>  I do this in the UpdateManager's RunnableQueue via something like
>  the following:
>    // running in Swing/AWT thread after MouseReleased event
>    UpdateManager um = getUpdateManager();
>    RunnableQueue rq = um.getUpdateRunnableQueue();
>      rq.invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {
>       public void run(){
>          // add my elements to the DOM
>       }
>     });
> - user initiates loading of a new SVG doc by clicking a Swing button.
> This usually works.  However sometimes I find that getUpdateManager()
> returns null, or that the RunnableQueue is not started.  

    This would indicate to me that the MouseReleased code is running
after the load event (the getUpdateManager call is before the call to
invokeAndWait so it's hard to blame a null return from getUM on invokeAndWait :).
I would suggest inserting System.err messages so you can find out which
code runs when in these cases.  The JSVGCanvas tries to be very good about
this cases so even if you did an invokeLater it should wait until your
runnable ends before disposing of the document.

     Just picking on words here you say "after MouseReleased event" is this
happening _in_ the mouseRelease callback, or is it code triggered by the
mouse release callback?

> This tends to happen when the user draws LOTS of line segments, resulting in many
> DOM elements to be added.  I *think* that what's happening is that a
> new SVG doc load request is being initiated by the user before the
> elements are finished being added to the DOM in my run() method.  This
> is a bit baffling to me, as the Swing/AWT thread should block on
> invokeAndWait() before processing the "load new document" button
> click.  This problem is hard to reproduce because of the timing
> involved.  Also sometimes I find that I am able to hang the entire GUI
> by this process.
> So I guess my question is the following: how can I dynamically and
> synchronously update the DOM via Swing/AWT events?  I need to block
> until the update completes.  

     The above should do it (although I really suspect that you don't
need to block in this case if you are just throwing away the document

> Is invokeAndWait "bad"?  There is some
> discussion about this in the following thread:
> http://koala.ilog.fr/cgi-bin/batik-users-search-grep?rule=ci&target=invokeAndWait+%7C+invokeLater

    Yes invokeAndWait from the AWT thread is bad because some DOM calls
require calling back to the AWT thread which will cause a deadlock.  You
can safely use it from a third thread.  But this is _not_ the issue you are
having (well it might be the freeze issue).

> Thanks very much for your time.
> PS: this is all with Batik-1.5 built from CVS on 20-Aug-2003 and JDK
> 1.4.2.

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