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From George Armhold <armh...@cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject Re: JSVGComponent dynamic DOM update, invokeAndWait threading issue
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:47:24 GMT
Thomas DeWeese wrote:

> This is why I would put print statements in the event handlers.  I
> suspect something 'surprising' happening in the event handing...
> [ ... ]
> Any possability that the mouse release is the release from the user
> pressing the 'load' button?

I instrumented the code as you suggested.  The MouseReleased event is
only coming from the JSVGComponent; ie I am NOT getting MouseReleased
from the "load svg doc" button.  Too bad, would have been an easy
fix. :-)

However I did notice that the events (Swing & UpdateManagerListener)
are coming in rather strangely.  I am seeing the following:

   "load new doc" button pressed
   updateStarted (UpdateManagerListener)
   updateCompleted (UpdateManagerListener)
   managerStopped (UpdateManagerListener)

I would have expected the "load new doc" line to be printed LAST.  So
this would explain the occasional NullPointerException/RunnableQueue
not started exceptions.  The question is: why is Swing seemingly not
blocking on invokeAndWait(), but rather allowing the multiple events
(MouseReleased, button press) to be fired before the update is
complete?  Anyway, if calling invokeAndWait() from Swing/AWT events is
not recommended, I will have to change my approach.

> Ok A word of caution on my previous assurences about 'good
> behaviour' The canvas will make sure that the any currently running
> update completes but I do not think it will run the Update Manager
> queue to empty.

So this means that any currently running "runnable" will finish, but
the queue will not be emptied of all such runnables?

>> This is why I was trying to make the Swing
>> thread block until the DOM was updated- to prevent the user from being
>> able to click the "load new document" button until all elements were
>> added.
> My suspicion is that you have succeeded in this and that you are picking
> up another mouse up somewhere along the line.

I don't think that I've really succeeded if the invokeAndWait needs to
be removed.  I will have to figure out how to make this work with

Thanks again for your help.

George Armhold
Rutgers University
eLearning Grant, DCIS

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