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From Guillaume Pothier <gpoth...@free.fr>
Subject GraphicsNode.getTransformedBounds ()
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2003 13:58:31 GMT

I have a SVG document with its root <svg> tag, a few geometric objects, 
and a child <svg>, which in turn contains a few geometric objects. Once 
the GVT tree is built, I get the GraphicNode corresponding to one of the 
rectangles in the embedded svg node. If I call getTransformedBounds on 
it, it seems that I am getting its bounds within the embedded svg node, 
and not relative to the root svg node.
My question: should getTransformedBounds return the bounds relative to 
the root svg node, and should I try to find the error on my side, or is 
it normal for getTransformedBounds to return the bounds relative to the 
parent svg node, in which case, is there a method to obtain the bounds 
relative to the root svg element?

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