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From Ralf Siegel <r...@audiofarm.de>
Subject Re: General Discussion: Performance
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 18:52:42 GMT

>   Depending on how large the layer changes are you might do well to
>use the 'Dynamic Renderer' that will only rerender the changed areas.

Thanks again for the tipp, I will definitely look into that!

>I am almost certain that by default A & B will each load and parse
>'elements.svg' once - not twice.

Yep exactly, that's what I mean - A & B will *each* load and parse 
"elements.svg" once, which means it's being loaded and parsed twice ...

>   I believe all this caching behaviour is controlled by the 'DocumentLoader'
>class in the batik.bridge package.  This is normally constructed fresh for
>each document by the BridgeContext - however you can construct one 'up front'
>and pass it to the  BridgeContext's contstructor - so it can reuse documents.

Ah, okay - I will stick my head into that area.

Thanks Thomas.

ralf ...

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