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From BUFFET Philippe <philippe.buf...@airbus.com>
Subject SVG Conformance Test Suite 1.1 - linkuri tests
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:43:20 GMT
Hi all,

	I would like to have some precision about the SVG Conformance Test
Suite 1.1. I am looking for a full implementation of the SVG Full profile
1.1 and I must confess that Batik is currently , in my opinion, the best
viewer I have tested as regards Test Suite Conformance.

	Despite that, i have a question about the specific tests :
linking-uri-01-b and linking-uri-02-b which are "ok" accorting to the W3
Consortium. But, it seems that the viewer does not visualize the view target
attribute of the view element that normally highlights an item.
	Is Batik able to handle the "view target"? What is the normal
behaviour concerning the "view target"? actually it may be possible that i
don't understand the interest and/or the effects produced by a "view

	Thanks to all, this mailing list is really great..


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