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From "Edward Turner" <mightymightyeddtur...@hotmail.com>
Subject How can Java call SVG animation? Possible?
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 09:09:44 GMT
Hi there,

Please excuse me from any thick questions I ask - just started using batik!

I've got a Java application that requires simple custom animation - which my 
client will define. I'm proposing to use SVG and batik for this. I have read 
up on batik and tried out Squiggle examples and it seems that batik would be 
ideal for this - no?

The major requirement is two way communication between Java and SVG.

While testing I have had difficulty in making Java communicate with SVG 
(comm the other way is fine): can Java call an animation sequence in an SVG 
page? Can it call ecma functions? If so how should I do this?

Any help, example code or whatever would be great,

Seeya then - Edd.

Edward Turner

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