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From "David Proft" <da...@motive.com>
Subject Multiple Passes Through a Document for Displaying Simple SVG
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:16:09 GMT
First of all, many thanks to Thomas and Tony for their earlier advice on looking at the slideshow

Well, I'm on to my next (hopefully last) problem.  I have an Illustrator document that I saved
as a SVG file.  The document has about 10 layers.  What I am doing is:

 1) Create the SVGDocument from the SVG file
 2) Go through all of the "layers" (<g> elements with ids attrs) and make them invisible
(set attr: "i:visible" to "no" and "display" to "none").
 3) For each "layer", set it visible, build the GraphicsNode root node, create a buffered
image and store that image in a hashmap.

This works fine in theory, but I am seeing that I have to either reload the SVGDocument or
clone it between each rendering iteration.  If I don't, only the first "layer" is rendered
and all of the other layers' images are simply the first image.

Can anyone offer any advice on why I am having to clone the SVGDocument every time?  I am
guessing it is getting cached somewhere, but I can't find it after spending a good amount
of time searching.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


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