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From Gold Martin <Martin.G...@blva.bayern.de>
Subject huge memory usage when loading raster images
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:15:16 GMT

thank you for the last reply.

Using Batik 1.5 I' m loading a transparent GIF - LZW raster image with 1.8
MB (4429 * 4101 Pixel) to show in the SVGCanvas.
When I do so and look to the Windows NT Task Manager the memory usage
increases by 90 MB for each image I am loading.
When I load the same raster image as PNG (also 1.8 MB) - the memory usage
increases by 270 MB.

Is that because Batik uses 4 Bytes for each Pixel (4429 * 4101 * 4 = ~ 72
MB) ?
Is there another way to show raster images without increasing the memory
usage so much ?

I want the user to click to an area in the Canvas and then load the adequate
raster file (a map) of that area.
But clicking to a few areas exceeds my memory (and slows performance). 

best regards,

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