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From George Armhold <armh...@cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject race condition in JSVGComponent/RunnableQueue ?
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:11:36 GMT

I have a small program that demonstrates a problem with JSVGComponent.
I run an infinite loop that alternates the loading of two SVG docs.
After running for a while, a race condition appears to cause one of
the documents to get "stuck" in the canvas; subsequent calls to
setSVGDocument seem to have no effect.  The canvas seems "alive"
insofar as responding to window resizes/redraws, but the
setSVGDocument never seems to have any effect.  I suspect that a
thread is starving in a RunnableQueue somewhere.  Perhaps this has
something to do with it:



I've attached the sample program.  You might need to adjust the
argument to sleep for your platform.  The 400 works for me on my Linux

Thanks for your attention.

George Armhold
Rutgers University
eLearning Grant, DCIS

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