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From don undeen <donund...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: detecting shape collision?
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 21:38:02 GMT
So you're saying that while there isn't code in batik to see if to SVG shapes intersect, I
can turn them into java.awt.Shapes, and use code like jPong.PongObject.collides(shape1, shape2)
to see if they collide?

that makes sense; I wonder if that will ulitimately be practical for my system, where I intend
to to have LOTs of shapes moving around. For N objects, I have to do (n+(n-1)+(n-2)+...+2+1
(i forget, is that what they'd call "O(log(n))" ?) comparisons every iteration to see if there
are any new intersections. I've been able trying to avoid loops like that where possible.
What I really wanted to have was a way to register a "collisionEvent" with a shape, so that
collisions are just "announced" when they occur. Would something like that ever be in the
works for SVG?

Bibek Sahu <scorpio@dodds.net> wrote:


On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, don undeen wrote:

> Is there any way with batik/java/svg to detect if two svg shapes have
> "collided" or overlap? For example, if you have two circles of some
> radius, and you move them closer together, I'd like an alert to go up
> when the edges collide. Or perhaps I'd like to know if two lines
> overlap.

In principle, in SVG, the SVGSVGElement methods 'getEnclosureList()',
'getIntersectionList()', 'checkEnclosure()', and 'checkIntersection()' might
be useful (though I don't know if they'd be enough)... but in practice I
don't think they're implemented in Batik yet (at least, that the impression
I got from what I've seen on this list).

In practice with Batik, you can get the GraphicsNode associated with an
SVGElement, and then use GraphicsNode.getOutline() (or if it's a
ShapeNode, use ShapeNode.getShape()) for both nodes, then check if the
returned Shape objects intersect:

BridgeContext bc = svgComponent.getUpdateManager().getBridgeContext();

SVGElement circle1=...., circle2=....;
GraphicsNode g1 = bc.getGraphicsNode(circle1);
GraphicsNode g2 = bc.getGraphicsNode(circle2);

Shape outline1 = g1.getGlobalTransform().createTransformedShape( g1.getOutline() );
Shape outline2 = g2.getGlobalTransform().createTransformedShape( g2.getOutline() );

// the first shape intersects the bounding-box of the second
// blah blah blah

Note that it doesn't actually check if the two /shapes/ intersect, and
especially with circles this could get to be a problem, but at least you now
have Shape objects to work with. :-)

If you need a method to see if two Shapes collide, Mr. Google is your
friend. (e.g., http://www.risrani.com/programs/pong/doc-Pong/jPong/PongObject.htmlhttp://www.risrani.com/programs/pong/doc-Pong/jPong/PongObject.html

Good luck!
- Bibek

> Is there a method to do this that doesn't involve explicitly calculating
> the areas covered by each of my shapes?
> I'm guessing the answer is "no," but I'd sure like it to be "yes"!
> thanks for everything,
> Don Undeen
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