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From ananth balasubramanyam <abala...@cs.odu.edu>
Subject Re: example please
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 01:17:50 GMT

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the example. I have used that already. The problem i have been
facing is that I use Adobe illustrator to create an SVG. Actually a
graphic designer would create it for me. And i provide this SVG to my jsp
and extract all the text fields and display it in a html form for the user
to change the text.

When the SVG is exported from Adobe Illustrator, it puts its own
<foreignObject> tags in which it uses a <flow> tag with alignment
information(for eg: text-align: center). But the <text> svg tag just has
the x and y info. so if the user types a smaller text compared to the
original text, the text seems to be shifted left ie it doesnt appear to
be aligned like the original text..

Should i be parsing the svg xml for adobe specific information to see if
there is a text-align and then insert text-anchor tags in my DOM, or is
there a export mechanism is adobe ills so that i can ask it to put these
tags for me.

thanks for all your input, I really appreciate it.


On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Cameron McCormack wrote:

> Hi Ananth.
> ananth balasubramanyam:
> > I am new to batik and I have been struggling to get a grasp of the SVG DOM
> > Implementation. I went through the batik website and looked at the
> > examples of creating a Document from a SVG file. I am trying to parse the
> > SVG DOM tree and identify all the text nodes.
> >
> > When i create an SVG from adobe illustrator and have a text that is
> > aligned center, the resulting svg has the text with the x and y
> > co-ordinates, but no information about the alignment. so if i replace this
> > text programmatically in java, then the text is no longer aligned center
> > if it is shorter than the original text. Can somebody please suggest a way
> > i do this. please provide some example code if possible. Thanks in
> > advance.
> > Ananth
> If you are just worried about horizontal centering, you can use the
> text-anchor property to horizontally center it over the x coordinate you
> specify.
>   <text x="100" y="100" text-anchor="middle">
>     Some text
>   </text>
> Even if you change the text, it will still be centered over x="100".
> There is no equivalent vertical centering, however.
> Cameron
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