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From Andreas Neumann <neum...@karto.baug.ethz.ch>
Subject Re: Illustrator and SVG export
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 22:21:39 GMT
Hi Steve! 
Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to change that behaviour. 
It is because Illustrator wants to accurately export text with kerning. Since 
SVG currently (at least not with SVG fonts) supports kerning, they use the 
<tspan> with deltax values. 
There is one ugly workaround: use a proportional font in Illustrator (such as 
Courier) and you won't get the tspans. Later open the file in text-editor and 
change the font ... not very nice, but works. 
PS: you may also contact the Adobe Illustrator team and ask them for an export 
option to export text without kerning ... 
Quoting steve stout <steve@union.arizona.edu>: 
> I have a simple question for those of you that use Adobe Illustrator to 
> export SVG files.  Is there a way to make it not create so many <tspan> 
> tags when dealing with text? 
> I get output like this... 
> <tspan x="0" y="28.8" style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book';  
> font-size:24;">7:</tspan><tspan x="15.336" y="28.8"  
> style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book'; font-size:24;">3</tspan><tspan 
> x="25.607" y="28.8" style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book';  
> font-size:24;">0a</tspan><tspan x="47.254" y="28.8"  
> style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book'; font-size:24;">-</tspan><tspan 
> x="53.494" y="28.8" style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book';  
> font-size:24;">9:</tspan><tspan x="68.83" y="28.8"  
> style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book'; font-size:24;">3</tspan><tspan 
> x="79.101" y="28.8" style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book';  
> font-size:24;">0a</tspan> 
> ... when all I would really like is this... 
> <tspan x="0" y="28.8" style="font-family:'BaileySansITC-Book';  
> font-size:24;">7:30a-9:30a</tspan> 
> Yes, I have all of the text in one text box in Illustrator, so that's  
> not the problem. 
> Thanks! 
> .steve 
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