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From David Bullock ...@dawnbreaks.net>
Subject PDFTranscoder very resource intensive!
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 09:17:39 GMT
Hi all,

I realise that the PDF transcoder is imported from the
FOP project, but since Batik distributes it, Batik users
might have some relevant information.

My problem is that doing PDFTranscoder.transcode(src, dest)
takes a very long time relative to constructing an SVG DOM
and building its corresponding GVT tree.

In fact, painting the GVT tree to iText's PDFGraphics2D
is easily 20 times quicker than using PDFTranscoder.
I'm talking .5 secs of CPU time, versus 10 secs.

Is this consistent with the experience of others on this

Although iText is quicker, it does not seem to produce a
structurally equivalent PDF - when displaying the iText-
generated PDF in Acrobat 5.0 on Windows, it takes an age
to draw the page ... you can see the individual shapes
and things being rendered while you wait! Rendering of
the PDFTranscoder-generated PDF is the instantaneous
'now you see it' speed that one expects from Acrobat

I'd like to gain the best of both worlds, of course:
the speed of iText-generation with structural integrity
of PDFTranscoder.

But short of writing my own ITextPdfTranscoder (is it hard?),
is there anything I can do to get PDFTranscoder working
a bit quicker?  I might not balk at a 4x difference, say.


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