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From Jamie Browning <jamie.brown...@exponent.co.uk>
Subject Re: Minimum implementation of batik - just for viewing SVG files
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:44:39 GMT
R Karthick wrote:

>I am really stuck in this. I am writing a Java Applet,
>which loads svg files, just for displaying.
Do you mean there is no interactivity or dynamic updates?

>Now the jar files itself comes around 2 to 3 megs,
>which is really large for a web application.
Is it? Its large for a web "page", but not for an application. Its 
roughly the same size as the Adobe SVG VIewer plug-in.

>I cannot
>expect the user to download the 2 to 3 megs of data
>for using my Applet over the web.
Have you considered using Java Web Start. That way your JAR files are 
downloaded just once and cached on the client-side. Also IMHO users are 
more inclined to suffer downloads if they think there is useful 
functionality at the end of it.

>I would like to know, how to create a minimum
>implementation of JSVGCanvas, just for viewing it. (
>or is it avaliable in the web for download? ) Even I
>will not need the functionality of zooming and
>rotation. Just for display!!
If you are displaying images, and you need none of the functionality of 
SVG, why not use the JPEG/PNG transcoder on the  server-side and deliver 
bitmap images - no download for your impatient users ;-)


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