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From Chimera <chim...@ennersea.net>
Subject Seperate Layers in SVG
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:36:08 GMT
Opinion wanted:

Which would be the best way to achieve the following in Batik?
I want to load a graphic as a background 'layer', and then load other 
'layers' above this background layer, being able to toggle them on/off 
in regards to visibility, as well as loading these layers from file menu 

1.  Can Batik, with proper transparency settings in the source svg 
files, display multiple svg documents on top of one another?  All of the 
documentation and examples are simplified for obvious reasons, so this 
doesn't seem to be touched on that I can see.

2.  Is it preferrable to composite a single SVG file in the application 
and do tracking of layers as different collection objects (array, 
vector, etc)?   Thus, if one overlay is toggled 'off' visibility-wise, 
iterate through the array of objects, make them invisible, repaint the 
screen.   Are there speed concerns between this approach and the (if 
possible) multiple document/multiple layer approach?

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