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From pe...@gresham-forms.co.uk
Subject RE: problem with JPEGTranscoder
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 15:42:27 GMT
Hi Cameron and Venkat,

I'm using 1.5.1.
I misread the code the first time (saw the setAttributeNodeNS but missed the
fact the the Attr a was being passed in the recursive call, apologies), now
I do not understand how it can be working.
It does still appear to work for me ! I am trying to work out why ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Cameron McCormack [mailto:cam-batik-users@aka.mcc.id.au]
Sent: 15 June 2004 14:13
To: batik-users@xml.apache.org
Subject: Re: problem with JPEGTranscoder

Hi Patrick.

> I have not noticed any problem with DeepCloneDocument, but because am
> this method in my code I felt compelled to check it out.
> I may wrong but on having a look it appears to me that
> AbstractDocument.importNode copies the node values at the point it handles
> .....
>             Element e = createElementNS(importedNode.getNamespaceURI(),
>                                         importedNode.getNodeName());
>             result = e;
>             if (importedNode.hasAttributes()) {
>                 NamedNodeMap attr = importedNode.getAttributes();
>                 int len = attr.getLength();
>                 for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) {
>                     Attr a = (Attr)attr.item(i);
>                     if (a.getSpecified()) {
>                         e.setAttributeNodeNS((Attr)importNode(a, true));
>                     }
>                 }
>             }
>             break;

I think the problem is that importNode will create a new attribute in
the SVG DOM with the right name but it won't actually set the
attribute's value.  Notice how in importNode the cases for text nodes,
CDATA sections and comments nodes do something to get the to-be-copied
node's value, while for the attributes it doesn't.

  I haven't tested it though, so if the attribute values actually come
  from somewhere else in the code that I haven't noticed, I could be

But you say that it works for you?  What version of Batik are you using?


Cameron McCormack
|  Web: http://mcc.id.au/
|  ICQ: 26955922

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