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From Andres Toussaint <and...@onemileup.com>
Subject Re: SVGImageElement bug - memory leak
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 19:50:25 GMT

Greetings to all the Batik Community.

I wanted to point out this Bug again, for it to be salvaged from 



> Hello all:
> I want to report what appears to be a bug in the SVGImageElementBridge 
> implementation. I have tried it with Batik release 1.5 and 1.5.1.
> In a dynamic JSVGCanvas, on the UpdateManager thread, when i remove a 
> SVGOMImageElement (that represents an embedded SVG image, i.e. 
> CompositeGraphicsNode) using
> AbstractParentNode.removeChild(SVGOMElement);
> The removed SVGOMImageElement cannot be garbage collected because it 
> is still referenced by an instance of 
> SVGImageElementBridge.ForwardEventListener (it is listed as imgElement 
> of SVGImageElementBridge... by my profiler software)
> I have tried the same method for SVGOMImageElement loading a embedded 
> PNG image (i.e. RasterImageNode) and the node does get released of all 
> its references and it is garbage collected.
> Also, I have tried it with SVG elements constructed within the app 
> ("rect", "g", etc....) and they also are released completly, and 
> disposed of properly. The only problem I found is with SVGImageElement 
> loading a external SVG images (i.e CompositeGraphicsNode).
> This situation generates a considerable Memory Leak if you want to 
> add-remove dynamically external SVG images into your JSVGCanvas 
> document, since every remove will leave the removed SVGOMImageElement 
> lingering there without being released for disposal, and at some point 
> it saturates the JVM allocated memory and crashes the application.
> If anybody has found a solution to this issue, i would appreciate some 
> help.
> Andres.

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