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From Nikhil Dinesh <nikh...@seas.upenn.edu>
Subject Performance enhancement post GVT building
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:02:09 GMT

Im trying to use the JSVGCanvas to draw an SVGDocument of size about
140KB. The DOM creation and GVT build happen with expected speeds...but
the canvas takes about 13 seconds post build to be painted. Is there
anything I could do to shorten  the TreeRenderer phase or a phase post
that? Ive set all text styles="text/plain" which reduced the delay to the
current amout.

Sys specs: Debian linux on a Dell with a P3(at 1GHz) and Batik1.5.1

A couple of other issues:

a. The canvas seems to interact in a strange way with the JScrollPane. The
scrollbars show up sometimes and do not at other times.  Is
there anyway I could turn the scrolling off on the canvas and ask it to
default to the scrollpane.

b. Updating the DOM totally kills performance for me. The update happens
fast but then scrolling through the canvas slows down dramatically. Ive
worked around this by recomputing the SVGDocument everytime...The updates
I make dont change the bounds of anything just the colors. Is there a way
to make this faster?

c. A final question...is there anything I could/should do while
replacing an ALWAYS_STATIC with another one as far as releasing references
goes? Since the update manager is null, Im guessing the GVT doesnt hold an


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