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From oliver clement <Oliver.Clem...@igh.cnrs.fr>
Subject [Design pbm]How can I Customize SVGShape
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 10:08:01 GMT

I'm starting to play with the Graphics2D capabilities of batik.
The API i'm working on enables objects to be serialized into XML via a 
toXML() method defined in an interface called Taggable
and I'd like to be able to customize the way batik converts 2D objects 
to SVG in a way such as it could include my XML content into the SVG

Lets say I use a CustomRectangle defining the paint(Graphics g) method, 
associated with an a A object implementing Taggable.
The thing i'd like to obtain would be :

<g fill="lime" stroke="lime">   

 <rect x="284341" width="471" y="245" height="10" stroke="none" />    

  <a name="ect" attr1="value1" xmlns="myNameSpace">


What should I do, subclass or redefine the SVGShapes, play with the 
domGroupManager or create an extensioHandler ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated




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