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From "Himerus" <himerus2...@hotmail.com>
Subject viewbox problem
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:09:23 GMT
i'am having a viewbox problem; i put a jsvgscrollpane on a frame; and when i draw a quadcurve2D(or
anything else) with a mousePresed event , the scroollpane tries to resize the scrollbars;so
in checkAndSetViewBoxRect() the viewBox attribute of the element svg is not found (is returned
as ""); i tryed to set it manualy : setAttributeNs(svgNS,"viewBox","0 0 600 600") but it doesn't
appear in the document when i stream it to the System.out; and if even that would work, i
have to set it again and again every time i draw something on the pane's canvas?

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