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From "Urs Reupke" <ursreu...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Setting Text Colors
Date Sun, 24 Oct 2004 08:13:17 GMT
Hi Thomas,

>   This code looks right to me.  is there any chance that you are
> doing something silly like setting the text to the same color as
> the background?

Chances were :), but I thought of this, too, and explicitly set
the colors to be of pure red (255,0,0) for the background and 
pure green (0,255,0) for the text for testing purposes. 
I don't think that this is the problem.
Maybe I'm doing some other silly thing and just not seeing it.
>    Can you still select the text?
>    I take it other modifications in the document work
> (i.e. the problem isn't in supporting dynamic updates in general).

I can select the text, though the select-Box appears to be empty (no glyphs
are shown, just the surrounding box), and onClick-Events are still handled 
correctly. Dynamic updates are supported, I explicitly set the document to
be dynamic on loading.

>    What do you mean by setting an area's background color.  You mean
> setting the fill for a rectangle or something?
Setting the fill-attribute on a polygon, in this case, but I tried more simple
forms in the beginning with the same results.

Could it be a problem with the text having attributes from a <style> property
as well as in XML form? (I don't think so, as you said presentation attributes
are stored in CSS-form and a hardcoded experiment at setting text-color worked,
but you never know.)


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