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From "Urs Reupke" <ursreu...@gmx.net>
Subject "Broken Image" in Image-Element
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:15:05 GMT
Hi again,

just when I thought I was done, bad stuff happened:
After some major refactoring, the image-elements in my graphics aren't shown properly anymore,

but the problem is different from the last time we met:
Instead of showing the default "image not found"-icon, the SVG-Canvas displays
an image just the size I indicated in the referencing tag: 

<symbol id="ArrowLeft">
    <image x="0" y="0" width="46" height="46" xlink:href="Arrow_Left.svg"/>

This and similar symbols are referenced throughout my documents in use-tags similar to this

<use xlink:href="#ArrowLeft" transform="translate(916 339)"/>

which are children of a hierarchy of group elements. 

The only thing of impact (only thing of impact that comes to my mind, that is) during said
refactoring was that I 
switched to the (more reliable) Java ClassLoader.getResource(String)-method instead of manually

creating the URL to set as the documents base URL via setURLObject(URL).

I checked, the URL is set correctly, as far as I can determine, to the directory containing
both the parent image as
well as the referenced one. Neither the containing image nor the referenced image were changed
by any means apart
from changing their absolute (but by no means relative) position in the filesystem, so there
should be no difference
in displaying them.

Can you help me out, again?

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