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From Tonny Kohar <to...@kiyut.com>
Subject Re: Drag event, mouse events beyond elements, transformation of coordinates.
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 16:54:19 GMT

> I am also preferring the second solution. Thank you for the idea about
> a huge background element. But in this case I have some other things
> that complicates my life. I would like to draw some special symbols
> (like selection rectangles etc.) on the screen during the drag. It is
> very nice and easy to add them temporary to the document, but in the
> case of zoomed image, they looks really ugly (the width of lines is
> zoomed of course). I need to protect these elements (at least stroke
> in the style attribute) against zoom. I have no idea how to do this.
> In same time, I can realize drawing of these symbols in the
> paintComponent method of the JCanvas and in this situation the first
> solution may be a good option.

For performance reason, I think you need somekind of overlay when
draging and only need to update dom on mouseRelease (not mouseDrag).
That's what we do on our Sketsa SVG Graphics Editor. For the overlay you
could see the example on batik source.

Tonny Kohar
SVG Graphics Editor

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