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From Stan Dickerson <engineer...@energycontrolsystems.com>
Subject setURI hangs on Linux console [was Re: org/mozilla/javascript/optimizer Batik hangs?]
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 18:41:53 GMT
On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 14:26, Thomas DeWeese wrote:
> Stan Dickerson wrote:
> > userAgent = new SDUserAgent();	// my code (extends UserAgentAdapter
> > implements SVGUserAgent)
> > svgCanvas = new SVGCanvas(userAgent, true, false);
> > ...ALWAYS_DYNAMIC...add listeners...
> > url = drawingNameToURL(name);	// my code (name == "Index.svg")
> > svgCanvas.setURI(url.toString());
> > 
> > "AHU_Index.svg" is loaded from my UserAgent openLink().  Could there be
> > a problem with my UserAgent?
>     Your derivation is a bit odd.  There are two distinct UserAgent
> classes in batik the 'bridge' User Agent, and the SVGUserAgent.  You
> seem to claim to extend the bridge user agent and implement the
> SVGUserAgent - I'm not sure what the real result of this would be
> (although I honestly think the problem is in the JDK's networking
> code, as remote a possibility as that seems,  based on the stack
> traces).

I changed the user agent to extend SVGUserAgentGUIAdapter but got the
same result.

I'm postponing fixing this but here is a summary:

Batik 1.5.1
JSVGCanvas in Java applet
setURI(url.toString()) called from init() is OK in all cases

setURI(url.toString()) called from UserAgent openLink() is:
        OK from Windows I.E. or Firefox with "http:" URL
        OK on Linux console if a "file:" URL is used to load the applet
        HANGS on Linux console if an "http:" URL is used to load the
                applet (Mozilla or Firefox, Java 1.4.2 or Java 1.5.0)


Stan Dickerson

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