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From "Amit Srivastava" <amit_ru...@rediffmail.com>
Subject changing resolution problem -- rectangles not getting affected
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 11:20:57 GMT
&nbsp; <BR>
I am using TiffTranscoder to convert svg to tiff .<BR>
The tiff files created are having resolution 0f 94 X 94 by default.<BR>
If I increase the resolution by<BR>
t.addTranscodingHint(TIFFTranscoder.KEY_PIXEL_UNIT_TO_MILLIMETER, new Float(0.15));<BR>
the text lines are increasing in length in the resulting tiff files but the &lt;rectangle&gt;
elements are not getting affected (even if text and rectangle are in same &lt;g&gt;).<BR>
So, text is crossing over the rectangles.<BR>
Any idea why as there are many rectangles and editing will take lot of efforts.<BR>


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