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From Web Query <webqu...@shermantech.com>
Subject How do I mouse-click on an SVG element and change it's color
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 00:02:40 GMT

I just started programming with batik today and have come to a point 
that is stumpping me after hours of looking at the API and tracing code 
through the debugger.  I have managed to take the sample SVGBrowser 
application and implement mouse listening in such a way that I can get 
the GraphicsNode object that I click on (whew - that took some work).  
But, now I need to change the color of the SVG object I selected.  It 
would seem there should be a simple way to do this, but it appears that 
changing the color involves digging up a BridgeContext and a document 
(SVG)Element in addition to the GraphicsNode in order to modify the 
GraphicNode's ShapePainter. 

Is dynamically changing the color of the GraphicsNode possible?
Is there a simple way to change the color of the GraphicsNode object? 
If not, where do I get the BridgeContext and Element necessary to make 
the color changes?
Is there a better way to highlight SVG objects? (such as overlays, etc.)

If any of the above is possible, is there some sample code available to 
demonstrate how this is done?


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