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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: Converting flow text to pdf
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 11:09:05 GMT
>>Andreas Steichardt wrote:
>>>We are making heavy use of flowtext in our svgs and convert them to pdf.
>>>Unfortunately the size of these pdfs is very huge because the text gets
>>>converted to vectors. Are there any plans to change that? Or maybe there
>>>is already a (commandline) option to take the text as it is and i missed

> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 03:02, Thomas DeWeese wrote:

>>    This isn't easy.  The PDF transcoder will handle 'simple' text but
>>for complex SVG text it resorts to outlines.  The basic problem is
>>that as I understand it, it isn't easy to go from a Java GlyphVector
>>(which is what Batik generates) to PDF text.

Andreas Steichardt wrote:

> any chances that this will change in the near future?

    I don't think anyone is actively working on it.  I just did
a bunch of work on the text engine of Batik, and I have a few
ideas on what could be done but I really don't know PDF that

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